Untold Italy is a small group tour company focused on helping travelers discover the lesser known regions of Italy and classic destinations in new and different ways.,  We want to help you travel to and discover Italy your way by uncovering unique and fascinating experiences both on and off the well beaten Italian path that you’ll cherish forever.

Our small group tours are designed to help you discover corners of Italy that you may not have reached on your own and experience the breathtaking beauty, diverse food and wine and charming communities we’ve grown to love and admire.

Through our partnerships with amazing local and international providers with outstanding reputations we can’t wait to help you reach the Italy you’re yearning to discover.

Our Values

Traveling in Italy has been one of the greatest joys of our lives and we love sharing our knowledge and expertise with our customers and followers. Endlessly curious about people, culture, food and wine, we strive to uncover new possibilities and connections for those memories that last a lifetime.

All our tours are led with responsible, sustainable practices in mind and with the highest respect for local traditions and customs. Where possible we work with local operators so you know the majority of the cost of your tour stays in Italy.

Find Us Online

We create a wealth of resource for travelers planning trips to Italy and love connecting with you all via our Untold Itlay podcast, resource hub and Italy Travel Planning community on Facbeook with over 100K members helping each other plan trips to Italy.

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Untold Italy trips focus on very special Italian experiences.

Each day on tour you’ll uncover a new aspect of regional culture with a focus on seasonal produce and wine, local people and moments you’ll be talking about for years to come.

What to Expect on Tour

Exceptional tastes – the hero of each day

Our Team

Katy clarke

After dabbling in marketing, food and travel blogging Katy finally listened to her heart and focused on bringing the Italy she loves to the world via Untold Italy’s podcast, resources and tours.

Olivia Windsor
Tour leader

Olivia is an Australian woman living in Piedmont, with a passion for the land of la dolce vita, cooking and wine. Her super powers include finding the most charming villages and delectable cheeses.

Our Partners

We’re so proud to work with companies that wear their passion for the lesser known corners of Italy on their sleeves. With decades of experience organizing travel to Italy for international clients under their belts, we know you’re in the very best of hands.

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Italy Love

I have come to love this podcast and look forward to a new episode every week. The additional information provided in show notes and links us so helpful too. I am fortunate to have lived in Italy and to return many times, but there is so much to learn and appreciate and Katy does a great job of sharing info in her podcast. I have introduced many of my friends to Untold Italy, especially those hoping to visit Italy for the first time. Thank you Katy! Keep up the great info exchange.

Chrismc58, USA

I found my tribe!

I’m Italian, American, and an artist, I desperately long to go back to Italy and bring my husband and sons. I dream of living in Italy one day. It’s a long complicated story but I’ve never felt like I fit in here in Texas, and I have often felt like a crazy person for dreaming of Italy as much as I do! I feel I have found my kindred spirits here! When there is so much negativity around, Katy and Josie’s positivity bring so much joy to my day with not only their passion for Italy, but with their fun, curious, adventurous spirits! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Valmilo, USA

Outstanding podcast

So vivid with narrative that gives you hope during these trying times. Your superb guest who so personal and warm, it’s like listening to friend with caring advice and passion of all things Italian.

Tony J, USA