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Come with us to beautiful Umbria. Known as Italy’s “green heart”, the central Italian region has no coastline or international border, which may explain why many of its ancient Etruscan traditions endure there to this day.

In Umbria we visit renowned hilltop towns, celebrated as among the most beautiful in Italy, and explore the culture and traditions of the land. If you’re keen to try the regional specialties, you’ll be glad to know our days are full of tasting, making and exploring the dishes unique to this region – including the famous porchetta.

No trip to Umbria would be complete without admiring the city Assisi, dedicated to St Francis. We make a stop here and to the capital Perugia too. Our gastronomic and sightseeing adventures are paired with local wines and understanding of the rich Umbrian history and culture. 

By the time we say farewell, you’ll be dreaming of returning to this hidden paradise not far from Rome as soon as you can and ordering Pecorino wine like a local.

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Spring: May 27th – June 2nd

Fall: November 13 – 19

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We’ve fallen head over heels with Umbria’s towns, villages, food and wine. Tucked in between Rome and Tuscany, this delightful region of Italy has been hiding in plain sight, just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed by those who appreciate tradition, history and respect for the land.

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