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Travel with us to Italy’s deep south – Italy’s up and coming Puglia region. Found on the heel of Italy’s boot, Puglia is an ancient region hugging the Adriatic coast with friendly people, mouthwatering dishes and some of the most unique architecture you’ll find anywhere in the world.

You’ll discover the fairy-like white trulli houses of the Itria Valley and charming fishing villages where the local pasta dishes are topped with catch of the day fresh seafood. Baroque beauty Lecce is an elegant city with intriguing laneways and elaborate churches while the capital Bari hums with activity you’d expect at a bustling port.

Food and wine are always on our minds and it’s a pleasure to explore Pugliese cuisine inspired by the freshest local produce – oozy burrata cheese, hand rolled orecchiette pasta with brocolli and delicious pastries filled with tomato sauce. And while the local wine is not well known outside Italy, you’ll quickly discover that a glass of Primitivo is the perfect match to your meal.

Puglia’s close neighbor Basilicata is home to one of the oldest cities in the world – Matera. We take a short detour here on our tours to enjoy one of the world’s most unique experiences – wandering among the sassi dwellings, admiring and even staying in a cave hotel.

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Away from the hustle and bustle of Italy’s major cities, Puglia’s position on the Adriatic and ancient past is the perfect antidote to a busy life. Here ancient olive groves stand just as they have for centuries in rich red earth. The bounty of the land is as plentiful as that from the sea. The dishes of the region are simple and tasty and best matched with local Primitivo wine.

Puglia’s cities are unique and special – from elegant Baroque Lecce with elaborate churches and winding narrow laneways, to the bustling port of Bari. And you’ll full in love with the white washed villages of the Valle d’Itria, whose charm is matched only by the fishing villages of the coastline. But, as always, it’s the people of the region we remember most fondly. The burrata cheesemakers, ladies of Bari rolling orecchiette pasta in the street and the patient ceramicists of Grottaglie.

Puglia has many stories to uncover – which will be your favorite?

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