We’re so thrilled you’re interested in joining us to discover our favorite hidden corners of Italy. Getting off the beaten path in the Italian regions and meeting the locals is truly a joy and adventure we cannot wait to share with you. 

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And, if you’d like some inspiration and a virtual trip to Italy why not listen to our popular podcast also called Untold Italy. We release weekly episodes featuring conversations with locals, travelers and dreamers just like you.

With over 160 episodes to choose from there’s a piece of Italian inspiration for every style of traveler. 

Simply search for Untold Italy on your favorite podcast app to get started..

Learn what to expect on tour

If you’re curious about what happens on tour, watch this video where founder Katy chats with our tour designer and host Olivia Windsor. You can also read our latest reviews to hear what our guests have to say about their experiences on tour with Untold Italy